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You need to sell your house. So you paint the front door and clean out the garage. You advertise the home in the local paper and on one of those FSBO websites. You put ballons on your mailbox and hold a couple of open houses but you don't get any buyers. Eventually you call that "Top Agent" who has been pestering you to sign her multiple listing contract. The commission is a lot of money but you rationalize the thousands spent will be offset by the top dollar the agent claims you will get for the house. Once you sign the agent's unbreakable listing contract you naturally assume the agent will handle everything.

Really? Think again.

Before you list your home in MLS, consider what agents do and don't do when selling your home. Most how-to real estate books explain the basic home-selling process but provide little insight about the role of agents and their firms. Shady Agents underscores the impact agents have upon the transaction. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the home-selling process and warns what can go wrong and what to expect from licensed real estate agents. The chapters reflect the phases of the transaction:

Agent-selection (chapters 7-9)
Listing (chapters 10-20)
Selling (chapters 21-27)
Negotiating (chapters 28-32)
Under-contract (chapters 33-36)
Closing (chapters 37-39)
Filing a Complaint (chapters 40-42)

The book is also a good study for agents pursuing a noble and rewarding career helping people buy and sell homes and broker-owners building an organization with a positive moral purpose. All the advice and examples provided are drawn from the author's thirty-five years of selling real estate and supervising agents. Nothing has been made up. Where possible, claims are supported by outside sources. The book separates what sells a home from the baloney promulgated by Shady Agents who often say, "Just get the deal done; no one gets paid for being honest."

Shady Agents
Shady Agents are rarely prosecuted
because not all unethical acts are illegal.
To learn how to file a complaint with
a licensing agency, see page 141.

Shady Agents - Slick Shyster
Slick Shyster
He's a sleazy predator looking for a fast buck.
He talks fast and hurries transactions to ensure
he gets paid. His clients think his intimidating
personality is an essential trait of Top Agents.
It is not. Page 35.

Shady Agents Trust Us
Shady Agents beleive personal ethics and
business ethics are mutually exclusive.
They are not. Page 7.

Shady Agents The Country Clubber
The Country Clubber
Country Club agents have little motivation to work
because their spouses support them. Page 36.

Shady Agents door knob
Preparing Your Home
Complete improvements to your
home before interviewing agents
to list it in MLS. Page 17.

Shady Agents Dragon Lady
The Dragon Lady
Pushy and despised by other agents,
she blocks them from showing your
home with the aim of collecting both
sides of the commission. Page 34.

Shady Agents Price
Pricing Your Home
Once you obtain a market analysis
from an agent, pay an appraiser for
an unbiased second opinion. Page 75.

Shady Agents key
Shady Agents Ruin House Keys
Shady Agents will ruin your house key to keep
competing agents from showing the home. Page 85.

Shady Agents Top Producer
Top Agents
There are 2 types of top agents:
those that work hard and receive repeat
business from satisfied customers and
those that are less trustworthy. Page 33.

Shady Agents Super Agent
What to Look For in a Listing Agent
A knowledgeable, honest and experienced
agent with impeccable character is the most
important thing needed to sell your home.
The trick to to find one. Page 27.

Shady Agents - The Loner
The Loner
Loners are impatient, easily angered
and confrontational so their selling
style is the classic hard sell. Page 39.

Shady Agents Inspector
The Dreaded Home Inspector
There are 3 kinds of inspectors:
those that minimize problems, those
that exaggerate problems and those that
honestly complete the inspection. Page 117.

Shady Agents Soccer Mom
The Busy Body Soccer Mom
A nosy gadabout who talks too much
and quick to list the neighborhood
homes of those who die. Page 40.

Shady Agents Free
Sales Incentives
Incentives convey a message of desperation and
encourage low-ball offers. There is no empirical
evidence proving they work. Page 79.

Shady Agents - Spouses Sell Houses
Spouses Selling Houses
A dynamic duo. He's the macho closer and
she's the sweet good natured soldier. Page 37.

Shady Agents - Trapped
Unbreakable Listing Contracts
Be sure your listing contract includes a clause
for early termination without a fee. Page 55.

Shady Agents Burned Out Broker
The Burned Out Broker
He once owned his own brokerage but during
an economic downturn he lost money and
never paid his agents their rightful
commissions so they quit. Page 38.

Shady Agents - rent with option
Option To Buy Scam
The concept appears simple and practical
but ue to the unsavory and unqualified
buyers the scheme attracts it often becomes
a convoluted con game. Page 109.

Shady Agents - Corporate Loafer
Corporate Loafers
When laid off by large companies, these agents settle
in at large brand name brokers conspicuously wearing
the company name tag to give the impression they are
competent professionals. Some are not. Page 37.

Shady Agents TV
Advertising Does Not Sell Houses
Contrary to conventional wisdom,
the NAR Profile of Home Buyers
revealed only 3 percent found their
home through advertising. Page 16.

Shady Agents Drama Queen
Incompetant Drama Queens
Drama Queens are ineffective because
conflict exacerbates their anxiety preventing
them from developing a strategy. Page 41.

Shady Agents Discount Commisison
Commissions Are Negotiable
Nearly all agents will discount their 6%
or 5% fee by 1% if you ask. Page 49.

Shady Agents Mortgage Rep
Mortgage Reps
Don't be fooled by pre-qualification letters
guaranteeing the buyer will obtain a loan because
lenders never check a buyer's full credit history until the
application has been submitted and the fee paid. Page 107.

Shady Agents Septic
Septic Inspectors
Some inspectors flunk all the septics they
inspect. Agents use them to gain a concession
or a new system for their buyers. Page 125.

What Agents Say Behind Your Back
Everything. Agents routinely forward their clients'
texts and emails to other agents and clients so never
reveal your bottom line price to any agent. Page 106.

zillow trulia
Zillow & Trulia
You will have trouble selling your
home if Zillow or Trulia post its value
lower than the listed price. Page 125.

Greedy Agents
Their ethical decisions are tainted by their struggle
to pay the bills. Always telling dunning creditors
"The check is in the mail," they find it easy to lie. Page 42.

Disciplinary Actions